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Our Med Spa team is helping women and men in Duluth and surrounding areas look and feel their best at any age! Let us help you as well.

Striving For Beauty, Inside and Out

The team at Advanced Medical Spa is passionate about offering services to help you feel better, look great, and love your life again.

Med Spa Near Me
Medical Spa Near Me

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Med Spa Duluth GA

Meet Our Med Spa Team

We have a fantastic group of compassionate, highly-qualified healthcare professionals on-site. They are here to help you meet your goals.

And when you visit our Med Spa in Duluth, you will be greeted with a warm, friendly smile from someone who cares about your wellbeing.

Med Spa Treatments

Achieve your wellness and aesthetics goals with a variety of highly advanced Med Spa treatments.

What Makes This the Best Medical Spa in Duluth?

That’s a very important question, and we have a great answer. Advanced Medical Spa is considered one of the best Medical Spas in Duluth because of our highly qualified medical team and advanced treatments.

Our Holistic Approach To Overall Wellbeing

Our goal for every patient is overall wellness. We achieve that goal by finding the root cause of symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, low mood, and anxiousness and then applying holistic treatments where applicable. While we do not offer counseling, we often resolve these common symptoms by addressing nutritional or hormonal imbalances.

Regardless of your age, if you have any of the above symptoms and related ones, we highly recommend you start with a visit to our Wellness Center for an evaluation with labs.

And because everyone wants to look their personal best, we also help our patients achieve their goals from head to toe so they can feel great and boost their confidence. With today’s modern, non-invasive body sculpting technology, skin and facial treatments, and injectables, there is no reason why every woman and man can’t age beautifully.

Elite Membership Rewards

Indulge yourself with exclusive Advanced Medical Spa membership benefits.

Medical Spa in Duluth, Georgia

Our warm and friendly Wellness & Aesthetics team is here for you in Duluth, Georgia.  We are excited to meet you and to help you look and feel your personal best.

Where Is Our Med Spa Located?

Med Spa Patient Testimonials

Andria Phillips
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Annie is AHHmazing!!! I was nervous getting Botox for the first time, she was patient with me, explained every step and has a plan in place for future treatments. Love her! Love this place! Wholeheartedly recommend!
Sarah Norman
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I receive Hormone Replacement Therapy (Biote pellets) here. They were recommended to me by a friend that raved about the results. They do an awesome job!! All providers, nurses, and staff are friendly and have a passion for caring for their patients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Med Spa

Of course, we do. Women and men alike benefit with Wellness and Aesthetic treatments.

  • Weight loss
  • Injectables and fillers
  • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
  • Hair removal
  • Age spot and scar removal
  • Body contouring

We are. Every Wellness & Aesthetics team member is properly licensed and ready to serve you.

This is a Medical Spa.

What is the difference?

While both Medical Spas and Day Spas provide a range of inner wellness and beauty treatments, Medical Spas operate under the supervision of one or more medical professionals. This allows Medical Spas to offer medical-grade anti-aging treatments, skincare, and rejuvenation treatments.

Get 10% Off Your First Visit!

Simply take our quick online evaluation survey and we will discount your first onsite evaluation. It only takes minutes, and you’ll get immediate answers.

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